I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me – Hermann Hesse, Demian

Intuition is difficult to explain. It’s not a feeling, a vague hunch but a subtle thought or a feeling that is not part of the normal mind. The feelings associated with it, has a sense of clarity and or stillness and its typically different from our normal thought patterns, emotions and feelings.

In the midst of the daily chatter of the mind it’s difficult to recognize a glimpse of intuition as its usually lost in the inner narration of the mind. Typically it’s noticed when your in a quiet place and calm, when the inner narration or chatter of the mind has subsided. You notice these inner prompts then and this type of feeling is deeper than ordinary thoughts and feelings.

Intuition is inner-tuition. In the ancient mystery schools it was taught as teachings that arise from within. Everyone has intuition to some degree and it varies greatly from one individual to another. It’s often described as ‘knowing’ without the use of normal mind.

Intuition is the minds inner light. A bridge between the ‘I’ and the highest point of contact with divinity within. It can be likened to a sacred oracle, to which the problems of life can be sought out in calmer moments. Ultimately, intuitive feelings tell us that we are more than what we perceive to be  that a deeper kind of presence is at the base of our ordinary consciousness.

When you glimpse an intuition, it is drawing your attention to something that you may have not paid to attention to before. Normally it is accompanied by a sense of guidance and in many cases it reveals itself further. Noticing these glimpses is acknowledging and trusting intuition. From my own experience I’ve found that intuitions can subtle, direct and personal.

Intuition can also manifest as thoughts that seem to appear out of nowhere, spontaneously. And you have to ask yourself where did that thought come from and why? 

What am I being prompted to notice? Cultivate the attitude of ‘what am I being shown here?’. By doing this more will be revealed, but you have to be alert or you can miss these. Try to spend some time alone without the distractions of everyday life, this is when intuition appears and is more likely to be noticed.