Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realise that nothing really belongs to them – Paulo Coelho

This Too Shall Pass

Every thought, feeling, emotion and situation in life is temporary. Life’s ebbs and flows can impact us greatly,causing discomfort, pain and grief.

When change in life hits you? It can often feel very sad, disappointing and even terrifying. The end of a core relationship, losing your job, the death of a loved one. It can strike unexpectedly and out of the blue, fearing that you will never be able to get “back on track”.

We strive to meet our journey in life wisely – only when we keep in mind life’s ebbs and flows. Whether it is disappointing, frustrating or a pleasant experience it will soon come and pass away.

By learning to embrace impermanence you can become more resilient and embrace the flow and flux of life’s impermanence. In eastern traditions, it is described as the underlying reality of life is in constant flux, turmoil, evolution and change. Take for example, a table it is made up of many atoms and particles which are in a constant state of turmoil, flux and decay. 

Consider this: The most unpleasant experiences are only brief and temporary. Today they will trouble us and make us worry unnecessarily but when we awake tomorrow, it will be a distant memory and we will have almost forgotten them.

It was president Lincoln who made famous the saying – this too shall pass. He used the expression as a mantra to help him through the stress of troubled times with his family and during his administration.

So, you may be wondering what does “This Too Shall Pass” really mean? In essence, it means not to judge the situations that you may find yourself in, whether it is pleasant, unpleasant, sad or disappointing. By uttering these words to yourself, you will realize for yourself that every feeling, emotion, thought or situation  in life is temporary.

It also teaches us about acceptance, to not resist and to accept whatever we may be facing in our life. 

At a deeper level, if we can come to realization that life is impermanent, the better off we will be. We have to flow with life, adjust to change or circumstances, and realize that, nothing that I have in this world is a guarantee.

I always expected that life would go a certain way for me and when it didn’t  I would get disheartened. I can remember when I worked hard to get to university, and then I failed to get a degree. Then I think to myself, I wouldn’t be working in this dead-end job if I’d passed. Wallowing in self-blame won’t help. By learning to let go of the belief that life has to go a certain way you’ll suffer less as a result and get less disheartened less often.

I often use “This To Shall Pass” and reflect upon it  when I am going through a difficult period in my life. 

So next time you feel upset, disappointed, disheartened, stressed or worried about something. Remind yourself “This Too Shall Pass”. Use it as mantra.The circumstances of your situation will change – maybe not all of them, but some parts of it will change fairly quickly.

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